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In an effort to ease the process of getting information regarding an open burn permit in Barry County, several Fire Departments are joining forces to have one telephone number to call.  Check above for your fire service phone number.

All others in Barry County will now need to use  269-205-3208. You will receive a recorded message that will advise whether or not open burning is permitted that day. If the message advises that open burning is permitted, leave your name, phone number and address of where you will be burning. You then may go ahead and burn the following items only; limbs, brush, stumps, evergreen needles, leaves, and/or grass. If the message advises that open burning is NOT permitted that day you will need to call back when weather conditions have changed to obtain a permit.

Once you have decided to burn on a permitted day and have given the proper information to the service line,  YOU must attend to your fire at all times until it is completely extinguished. YOU are responsible for fire, smoke and odors created by your fire. You are responsible for any damage that results from your fire. If your fire gets out of your control immediately call 911 and request your fire departments assistance.

Open Burning Permits only allow for you to burn the following; limbs, brush, stumps, evergreen needles, leaves, and grass. The burning of logs, stumps, trees and brush is NOT allowed within 1400 feet of a city or village under DEQ air quality rules. Michigan air quality and solid waste regulations prohibit open burning that creates smoke or odor nuisances.

Open Burning Permits are not required for cooking or recreational camp fires.

The following items can NEVER be burned and you may be fined for doing so; demolition debris, construction materials, automotive parts and household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materials.

There are several alternatives to burning

Composting yard waste and using leaves for mulch are alternatives to open burning of yard waste.  Contact local programs about recycling of plastic, cardboard, paper, metals, etc in your area. Donate reusable items to charitable organizations, families or friends. Dispose of unwanted items in a licensed landfill instead of open burning.  Barry County holds two Household Hazardous Waste, Tires and Medicine Collections each year.  These collections take place in the spring and fall at the Barry County Fairgrounds, 1350 N. M-37.

 For further questions please contact your local fire department.